That’s a Wrap! “The LIST” Short Film for Festivals [ Lead Actress – Producer ]

Special Thanks to everyone on “The LIST”

This film was my first sex scene! Thanks to a great director, cinematographer, and cast, it went smooth without any awkwardness. People always ask about this and while I had only met my love interest once prior at the table read, on set we fell right into our characters and played out the roles professionally. This shoot was not without hiccups, the new RED camera which was tested out prior developed a glitch with the lenses attachments. Luckily we accessed a backup camera, but it delayed the rest of our shoot enough to lose the daylight we needed to finish. So we had to schedule an additional shoot day. This was filmed in NYC, so I would need to fly in again from LA when we could all coordinate a new film date. Before the festival deadline we all synced up, and finished the film on the RED camera just in time for submission!

Our Director, Brent Katz, is also the writer of this comedic short film. There is a much larger story here and I look forward to him writing the feature one day! The cinematographer, Albert Elmazovski is not only talented, but extremely thoughtful and his approach to guiding us through the sex scene made it so relaxed. Thank You! My fellow actor, Mark Becker is a captivating actor and kept the set light hearted and fun. I look forward to working on future projects with everyone involved. Special thanks to Sorin Abraham, for assisting with the shoot location.

We are proud to announce “The LIST”, a short romantic comedy, filmed in Manhattan, New York. Thanks to the talented Cast & Crew of director/producer/writer/editor Brent Katz, producer Dawn Church, actors Mark Becker and Dawn Church, cinematographer Albert Elmazovski. SAG-AFTRA Film

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“The LIST”
Megan can’t believe how lucky she is to be so in love. She’s finally moved in with her boyfriend, Craig, and the future looks perfect. After an amazing bout of morning sex, leaving Craig to shower up before work, she decides to check her email on his computer (after all, they share everything now, right?).  But as she is browsing, a file on his desktop catches her eye.  Curious, she clicks it open and it reveals something that, once Craig exits the bathroom, will take some fancy explaining if he wants to keep their picture perfect future from becoming a flaming disaster.


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