That’s A Wrap! “My Dearest One” on Super 8mm Film [ Director – Writer- Lead Actress]

Thanks to everyone from "MY DEAREST ONE" My first time directing & writing, it went so smoothly. March 2018, I entered the Straight 8 Super 8mm film contest from the UK. I simultaneously shot a digital version on a Black Magic Design Camera with extra scenes to submit to additional festivals. It’s shaping into a very productive [...]

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That’s a Wrap! “The LIST” Short Film for Festivals [ Lead Actress – Producer ]

Special Thanks to everyone on "The LIST" This film was my first sex scene! Thanks to a great director, cinematographer, and cast, it went smooth without any awkwardness. People always ask about this and while I had only met my love interest once prior at the table read, on set we fell right [...]

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That’s a Wrap! “Irregardless” Short Film for Festivals [ Lead Actress – Producer ]

I had a great time working with this an amazing crew, this shoot could not have been any smoother and timely! I'm amazed and proud of everyone's hard work, commitment, and talents. Thank you, it's been a pleasure working with you all on this project. We are proud to say we shot "Irregardless", [...]

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